We are a leading Silicon Valley
investment and venture capital firm.

Silicon Valley Venture Partners 

Silicon Valley Venture Partners combines over 20 years of experience in venture capital investment, fundraising, start-up incubation, corporate M&As, and initial public offerings. To our select partners and companies we offer direct access to Silicon Valley based early stage venture capital for equity and debt investment. In addition to our investment-related activities we also have a corporate advisory practice, which offers a broad range of professional services.

Over the past twenty years, members of our team have closed over 20 equity investments, generating high returns for our limited partners. Those included three high profile IPOs in the United States and a number of multi-hundred million M&A exits. In the process we have established close working relationship with top Silicon Valley venture capital funds and venture debt firms, and other professional services companies such as leading law firms and investment banks.

Our work with a wide range of companies including early stage start-ups, as well as established industry players has allowed us to establish a solid deal flow as well as a reliable base of strategic investors and acquirers of our early stage investments.


We are currently focusing on companies in the following sectors:

  • Next generation communication networks including network infrastructure, mobile devices, applications and services;
  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics;
  • Internet of Everything including intelligent vehicle connectivity;
  • New financial technology solutions including payments and transaction security;
  • Select Internet and consumer mobile social network services;
  • New peer to peer and broadcasting communication platforms;
  • Advanced material science solutions for IT businesses.

Selected past investments of the team 

Meet our team 

Voytek Siewierski

Voytek Siewierski is a successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley and a long-term telecommunications executive. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Venture Partners. Previously he was a General Partner with Rogers Ventures Partners in Palo Alto and an Investment Partner at Mitsui Ventures in Menlo Park Silicon Valley.

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Monika Barycza

For over 6 years, Monika has worked with numerous startups in Silicon Valley as a mentor. She has been a project manager at US Polish Trade Council focusing to help Polish and American companies expand their trans-Atlantic trade and investment. She has worked closely with the industry group leaders, start-ups, universities and governmental institutions.

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Wei Siang Chan

Mr. Chan is the Executive Director of Toyonaka Investment and Consultancy Pte Ltd, a direct investment holding and consultancy company that provides consultancy to emerging countries’ governments in trade, investments, industry promotion, SME development and financial policy developments.

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